Walk and Ride with Pride

Integrity, respect, and humility are only a few of the characteristics that pave the way of a San Jose Police Officers' commitment to the community. Officers carry these characteristics out everyday and yet they are done in such a quiet, humble way as not too bring attention to who the officers really are as an everyday person. That is why we wish to recognize some of the heroes that are intertwined within the very community they serve.

Many years ago officers from SJPD began volunteering their time, off duty, by escorting thousands of participants in theAVON 39.3 Breast Cancer Walk while riding their bikes in uniform along side the participants. Like most, a loved one who is or has battled cancer, including some of our very own, has touched many officers in some manner. Officers began volunteering their time to lend support, provide comfort, and to let the "walkers" know we have their back; you will not walk this road alone! Whatever the motivation or reason is, the sense of commitment to the community is at the very foundation of these dedicated officers.

It is yet again that theBreast Cancer Walk has come and gone with our very own silent heroes supporting the first to the very last walker. Though the officers are recognized, welcomed, and even cheered by many, the officers shy away from the attention, as they believe the true stars are the participants, the ones battling cancer. Through many laughs and some tears, these officers begin to paint the picture of who San Jose Police Officers really are and what they represent.

To the many San Jose Police Officers and Dispatchers, THANK YOU for your tireless efforts not only in supporting the many fighting cancer, but also for helping bring clarity to who and what police officers across this nation stand for through compassion towards their community.

Many thanks to all that participated,

Board of Director Sean Pritchard

San Jose Police Officers' Association