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September 1, 2016

Re: Open Letter to the Residents of San Jose

Dear Residents of San Jose,

San Jose Police Department answers your calls, now we need you to answer ours…

We commend Mayor Liccardo and the rational members of the City Council for publicly declaring what police officers, many residents and many local businesses have known for some time; San Jose is experiencing a “public safety emergency”

Pointing fingers and laying blame for why our police department has dwindled from over 1400 officers a few years ago to 812 street ready officers today is not what the San Jose Police Officers’ Association is interested in.

We are interested in improving safety for those officers that are still here, improving 20-minute response times, recruiting and retaining police officers, and providing disability protections to officers and firefighters injured in the line of duty.

The declaration of a public safety emergency will allow Chief Eddie Garcia to redeploy investigators, detectives and special unit officers back to patrol to keep up with an increasing 911 call volume. This means that crime victims will experience delays in their cases. The SJPOA is truly sorry for that, but San Jose residents should know that those investigators and detectives that remain are committed to working hard to solve crimes.

San Jose Police Officers are called every day to help the residents of our city. But now, we need your help in passing Measure F on November 8th. Measure F will allow our police department to begin the difficult rebuilding process that lays ahead. Measure F will restore disability protections to officers and firefighters injured in the line of duty, provides a fair and affordable retirement benefit and allow us to recruit and retain officers.

When the call comes to help the residents of San Jose, SJPD will always answer those calls. We need the residents and businesses we serve to now answer the call to help rebuild our public safety by supporting Measure F on November 8th.


Paul Kelly, President

San Jose Police Officers’ Association 

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