UCOPS Executive Board Statement: Police Group Calls Foul on Extremists Using "Thin Blue Line"

Scott Treibitz


UCOPS Executive Board Statement
Police Group Calls Foul on Extremists Using "Thin Blue Line"

San Francisco, CA: The “Thin Blue Line” represents the unwavering commitment of law enforcement to ensure peace and safety as we serve our diverse communities nationwide with dedication, professionalism, equity, and compassion. It symbolizes self-sacrifice, humility, and the relationship of law enforcement as protectors of the community from criminals and victimization.

The highjacking of our symbol by any hate group such as the Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, or the KKK is contrary to everything for which the “Thin Blue Line” stands. It does not represent hate, prejudice, or bigotry; any group, such as ANTIFA, that makes such claims is lying to further their agenda of anti-police rhetoric and hate of law enforcement. We are appalled and disgusted that the widely recognized “Thin Blue Line” symbol has any association with groups that advocate for racism, hate, bigotry, and violence.

The United Coalition of Public Safety works on behalf of law enforcement officers and the communities they serve nationwide to shape strong partnerships and break down communication barriers; building trust through active engagement, honest dialogue, education, and outreach. Click here for more information about UCOPS.


SJPOA is a founding executive member of UCOPS.