Supervisor Dave Cortese Statement on POA Tentative Agreement

If the SJPOA membership votes to ratify the pay restoration proposal under consideration, each of the members of the City Council will have an opportunity to publicly express either their support or opposition for the tentative agreement by casting a vote.

Since many current Councilmembers are also running for Mayor, we felt it was important to seek the input of the only other serious candidate in the race, former Vice Mayor and County Supervisor Dave Cortese.

Below is Supervisor Cortese's response to SJPOA President Jim Unland's request for his input:


As the former Vice-Mayor for the City of San Jose I was a strong supporter of a well staffed and highly trained police force.  Ensuring that our neighborhoods are being pro-actively patrolled, crimes are swiftly investigated and prevention programs are funded was a budgetary priority for me and it will be again if I am elected Mayor. The current city leadership has made decision after decision that were not in the best interests of preserving neighborhood safety and I am disappointed that it took too long to begin to restore the pay cuts endured by our police officers.

The cut in pay and the lack of a negotiated agreement on lawful pension reform has led to hundreds of officers leaving the force and with them the decades of experience they possess. That is a shame and it could have been prevented if there was strong leadership at city hall that recognized that our police officers and other city workers are not the enemy. I strongly urge our dedicated police officers to vote to begin the restoration of their pay and ratify the contract before them. They deserve wages and benefits that are commensurate with the work they perform and this ratification vote is a step in the right direction..

More needs to be done to make our neighborhoods safer and I pledge to work with our community and our law enforcement professionals to make San Jose the safest big city in the nation once again..

Dave Cortese


Cortese Police Statement

Supervisor Cortese fails to state his stand on pension "reform".

Vote Wisely

Mr. Cortese, thank you for your support and I get what you are trying to convey here. But, do you realize officers have twice voted to give back 10% of their pay to the city? Officers have been more than generous with some losing their homes with this giveback. At a minimum, and I mean minimum, officers should immediately get back the 10% that they have generously gave the city. That would still place officers' pay levels to 2009. Because the city has been so stubborn and cheap with their past offers, it may appear that this current offer is a bargain. In my opinion, this is the game or strategy the city is using to get officers to accept this low offer. Please don't buy into it. I hope all officers do not accept this offer.

pay/benefits for federated retired employees

I still find it hard to believe that any retired worker who was told work 15yrs and at least 50yrs old would be entitled to health and dental.
The great City leaders have tried to take away what was promised to us, after we retired. And now are making us pay for dr visits, and medicines. After ten yrs of retirement I am having difficulty in making house payments etc due to doctor bills. This is breach of promise and its like we did our part to work for the City and then they take the rug from under us when we are retired.
I used to be proud that I worked for the City of San Jose, but I cannot say that now. I was born and raised in San Jose and went to school there, and in my retirement yrs had to move just to live.l