Stop Police Cuts Campaign

Stop Police Cuts Campaign

Yesterday, the San Jose Police Officers’ Association rolled out its “Stop Police Cuts” Campaign. This effort is in response to the Mayor and City Administration’s suggestion that it might be a good idea to layoff 350 officers this year. 

A smaller police department would surely delight the gangs and criminals in this city as police response times will slow to a crawl, proactive police work will become a thing of the past, and more crimes will go unsolved.

SJPD staffing is currently half the national average for comparable cities. Shrinking it further is plainly irresponsible.

Just last year, budget cuts forced the department to eliminate its gang unit. The mounted unit will soon be disbanded. And if the Mayor’s additional cuts go through the department’s burglary unit will almost surely disappear.

POA President George Beattie and Vice President Jim Unland held a press conference yesterday announcing the campaign. The conference took place at the abandoned Southside Police Substation. This brand new building—built at a cost to

the city’s tax payers of $92 million—was mothballed as soon as it was completed last year because there simply are not enough police officers left in the San Jose Police Department to staff it. 

Beattie and Unland’s message to the city’s leadership yesterday was simply this: no cuts to police…period.

Despite the Mayor’s attempts to cast police officers as fiscal villains, Unland reminded those in attendance that police officer’s are reasonable people. 

In fact just last year, the membership of the POA accepted concessions to their pay and healthcare benefits, which allowed the department to avoid laying off 71 officers. The year before that, they were the first bargaining unit to increase their contributions to their retirement health care. This concession was a 6% hit to their paychecks. The year before that, they agreed to a back-loaded retirement that created additional savings for the City. This year, at their insistence, they were the first bargaining unit to begin negotiations with the City. The POA’s record on a reasoned approach to negotiations is unassailable. 

If you are reading this, please contact the Mayor, you City Councilmember and the City Manager and let them know that keeping you and your family safe must be their top priority.


Stop Police Cuts!

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