Special Public Safety Meeting

By Kathleen Flynn

Tonight, I will be attending yet another meeting at City Hall which will focus on public safety and policing. After the meeting, I will write a follow up story to post the details of what happened. I hope those of you who support our men and women in blue and who have been victims of crime will join me. For more information on the meeting, go to the City of San Jose website and see the announcement at the top of the home page.

The Mayor and City Council have spent years now listening to a small but vocal minority claiming that SJPD has been engaged in racial profiling, and unfairly targeting minorities. This group has put so much pressure on the Council that laws that were designed to protect us from unlawful behaviors like being drunk in public have been watered down so much so that I hate to see what comes next.

Unless and until more people start speaking up for victims of crime, supporting SJPD, and demanding the hiring of more officers, the real issues of lawlessness that face our city will never be addressed. Victims of crime will continue to fall by the wayside and remain without a voice.

Our under-staffed and over-worked police will continue to feel unappreciated, and our citizens will continue to be affected by increases in crime while criminals walk free. The small, vocal minority that fights so hard for the rights of law breakers will continue to garner all the attention and City resources while deflecting the need for change in their direction, and the hiring of more police officers will be put off for yet another year.

Please tell your friends and neighbors about tonight’s meeting and join me. Or email the Mayor and Council to offer your support of our excellent SJPD and speak out in favor of putting victims’ rights first.

Thank you!

Kathleen Flynn is a professional mediator and community activist.



I saw you at the special meeting last night. Great job fighting for victim's rights and our PD. Victim's rights advocates and pro-cop groups do need to start being on these committees, task forces, and boards. Raj and his fellow anti-cop groups who spend all their time defending criminals need to be challenged by the people they hurt.
You and Christian did a great job telling them that the IPA’s Office has been collaborating with Raj, and other anti-cop groups, and needs more sunshine about whom they cater to behind closed doors. I saw the interim IPA’s face! Ha! Ha! Looked like she got poked with a cattle prod.

It was great to see so many people supporting SJPD. I saw Raj up there all alone without his merry band of cop haters. First time I didn't see that crap-eating grin on his face. I almost fell off my chair when he admitted we have great cops on the force. I guess he's been neutered privately, and doesn’t run his big mouth without his big band of thugs to back him up. I guess he realizes that the other side isn't going to keep taking his BS. Do you know if he is getting any money grants from Liccardo, Nguyen, Campos, Chu, or Kalra?

Hey Bobby, how come you never told us that you met with Raj, and the how come Raj and Skyler are keeping these meetings such a big secret? Talk about stacking the deck one way. I guess they want everyone to keep thinking you aren’t willing to meet with them.

I noticed the Watch Dog mentioned yesterday's meeting today. I guess even blog owners can't get things out on time to so people could come.


Thanks for your support Kathleen. People like you are what makes are jobs worth doing. I think most people are good and support us but it is always the 5% of the trouble makers who get all the publicity and the city tends to kiss the asses of. They need to pay more attention to the needs of the 95% of the good people and give them what they deserve. Please keep it up!!


You are more than welcome. I have been a victim of a violent crime myself, and my friend was murdered last year. The SJPD was incredible to me during my very difficult time, and is doing an awesome job supporting my friend's family. You guys put your lives on the line for us every day. You give up time with your families, friends, and rarely get a full 8 hours of sleep a night. Is it any wonder I feel proud of you for the many sacrifices you make for our city?
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for protecting us, and please, Stay Safe out there!


Thank you for your time and effort!