San Jose's Vanishing Police Department [UPDATE]

On May 31st, the SJPOA held a job fair for its members at the POA Hall. More than a half dozen law enforcement agencies, including LAPD and the San Diego County Sheriff's Office, participated. Some of these agencies were offering large signing bonuses to entice our officers away from SJPD.

Several other departments, including as the Anchorage, Alaska PD, were unable to make it here in person, but expressed a strong interest in hiring dozens of our officers.

Why are cities around the country chomping at the bit to hire officers that our city’s own mayor treats as worthless surplus? Because, unlike Mayor Reed, officials in other cities understand that San Jose has some of the most highly educated and highly trained police officers in the country. They also realize that San Jose’s taxpayers have already footed the bill to train these officers—to the tune of $175,000 per officer. San Jose’s loss will truly be their gain.

And so, as the mayor and city council impose yearlong contracts on other unions, while having only recently rejected a one-year offer from the POA the would have saved jobs, the San Jose Police Department continues to rapidly disappear.

To document this slow death of SJPD, last April Protect San Jose began documenting the many officers that have left the department in 2010 and 2011.  Since our last report, 9 additional officers have left the department for jobs with other agencies, and 10 officers have retired. An update to the list we posted in April follows (new entries are highlighted in yellow):

Resignation Date           Name                          Hiring Department
May 29, 2011                   Hamdy Habib              San Francisco Police Department
May 29, 2011                   Deni Nibungco             San Francisco Police Department
May 26, 2011                   Todd Gimenez             Escondido Police Department
May 19, 2011                   Beth Albalos                Security Industry Specialists
May 15, 2011                   Evan Smith                 Englewood, Colorado Police Department
May 11, 2011                   Greg Wharton              Vice President of a tech start-up
May 3, 2011                     Gordon Shyy               San Francisco Police Department
May 1, 2011                     Kraig Evans                Capitola Police Department
April 17, 2011                   Jeffery Kopp                Round Rock, TX Police Department
April 17, 2011                   Robert V. Paul             Santa Cruz County Sherriff’s Department
April 17, 2011                   Jordon N. Brownlee      Santa Cruz County Sherriff’s Department
April 17, 2011                   James D. Write            Santa Cruz County Sherriff’s Department
April 17, 2011                   David S. Sullivan          Santa Cruz County Sherriff’s Department
April 6, 2011                     Antonio Figueroa          Watsonville Police Department
February 27, 2011             David Moser                Elk Grove Police Department
February 14, 2011             Ronald Harris               Palo Alto Police Department
February 6, 2011               Joshua Salkeld            Palo Alto Police Department
January 8, 2011                Rory McMilton             Berkeley Police Department
October 3, 2010                Darren Cooner             Brentwood Police Department
July 29, 2010                    Ronald Parsley            Brentwood Police Department
July 3, 2010                      Nathan Murray             Aromas Police Department
April 3, 2010                      Ivan Loomis                INFORMATION NOT AVAILABLE
January 1, 2010                 Cynthia Kono              Palo Alto Police Department

TOTAL $ SJ TAXPAYERS HAVE GIFTED TO OTHER CITIES SINCE 2010: $4,025,000 ($175,000 in training costs per officer)

Retirement Date           Name
May 28, 2011                 Matthew Elvander
May 28, 2011                 Thomas Navin
May 14, 2011                 Thomas Correa
May 14, 2011                 Michael Piscitello
May 14, 2011                 Kenneth Tanaka
May 5, 2011                   Lawrence Gullo
May 5, 2011                   Cynthia Teper-Johnson
May 5, 2011                   Robin Tokiwa
April 30, 2011                 Chacha Ramon
April 16, 2011                 Marc Remington
March 20, 2011              William Gonzales
March 5, 2011                Gilbert Zamora
March 3, 2011                Robert Anderson
February 11, 2011          Mark Heller
January 30, 2011           Cynthia Perez
January 23, 2011           Larry McGrady
January 22, 2011           Byron Jones
January 22, 2011           Douglas Grant
January 22, 2011           Randy Changco
January 22, 2011           Michael Ponte
January 22, 2011           Scott Kennedy
January 22, 2011           Mark Efigenio
January 8, 2011             Gregory Morrill
January 6, 2011             Kevin Ray
December 25, 2010        John Como
December 25, 2010        Michael Mattocks
December 25, 2010        Dave Schaeffer
December 2, 2010          Garyn Scott
October 30, 2010           Steven Gutierrez
October 7, 2010             William Vankey
September 18, 2010       Peter Scanlan
September 4, 2010        George Graham
August 21, 2010            John Rusyn
August 21, 2010            Mikael Niehoff
August 21, 2010            Jeffrey Kozlowski
July 31, 2010                Mark Bennett
July 24, 2010                Anthony Colon
June 27, 2010               Robert Dominguez
June 26, 2010               Christopher Passeau
June 26, 2010               Vaughan Edwards
June 26, 2010               Truman Boman
June 26, 2010               Ruben Chavez
June 26, 2010               Bobby St. Amour
June 26, 2010               Robert Mendiola
June 26, 2010               Rene Retuta
June 26, 2010               Nestor Torres
June 26, 2010               Neal Wilson
June 26, 2010               Millard Hampton
June 26, 2010               Michael Brown
June 26, 2010               Matthew McLinden
June 26, 2010               Mark Goings
June 26, 2010               Luis Pinheiro
June 26, 2010               Lloyd Cardone
June 26, 2010               Kim Shuper
June 26, 2010               John Carrillo
June 26, 2010               Jeff Ricketts
June 26, 2010               Ernesto Alcantar
June 26, 2010               Donald Moore
June 26, 2010               Donald Anders
June 26, 2010               Dean Ackemann
June 26, 2010               Curtis Jackson
June 26, 2010               Anthony Young
June 26, 2010               Alfred Ferla
June 25, 2010               Michael Crescini
June 12, 2010               William Orok
May 29, 2010                Charles Gould
May 15, 2010                Bertie Cooke
May 15, 2010                Camille Giuliodibari
May 2, 2010                  Daniel Katz
May 1, 2010                  Steven Pryor
April 17, 2010                Jack Overstreet
April 16, 2010                David Yazzolino
April 14, 2010                Greg Sancier
February 13, 2010          Terrance Boyle
February 6, 2010            Peter Decena
February 6, 2010            Craig Tarr
February 6, 2010            Alfred Sutcliff
February 6, 2010            Eric Sills
February 6, 2010            Dorr Shimamoto
January 31, 2010           Karol Roy
January 30, 2010           Wayne (Lawrence) Jones
January 30, 2010           Robert Miller
January 30, 2010           Dale Morgan
January 24, 2010           Anthony Weir
January 23, 2010           Margaret Edillo-Brown
January 23, 2010           Donald Parks
January 23, 2010           Phillip Malvini
January 23, 2010           William Smoke
January 23, 2010           Abraham Galvan
January 23, 2010           Richard Williams
January 23, 2010           Santiago Trejo
January 23, 2010           Gilbert Torres
January 23, 2010           Darrell Cortez
January 23, 2010           Douglas Rock
January 23, 2010           Gunther Riedel
January 23, 2010           Steve Papenfuhs
January 23, 2010           Mark Muldrow
January 23, 2010           Michael McLaren
January 23, 2010           Michael McElvy
January 23, 2010           William Mason
January 23, 2010           Jeffrey Martin
January 23, 2010           Julie Marin
January 23, 2010           Michael Leininger
January 23, 2010           Robert Higginson
January 23, 2010           Robert Froese
January 23, 2010           Michael Fernandez
January 23, 2010           Veronica Damon
January 23, 2010           Victor Barnett
January 23, 2010           Alan Damon
January 9, 2010             John Esparza
January 9, 2010             Michael Hahn
January 9, 2010             Larry Holmes
January 9, 2010             Paul Shuman
January 9, 2010             Ernest Kong
January 9, 2010             Michael Smith
January 9, 2010             Michael Conroy
January 8, 2010             Karl Micotti
January 7, 2010             Craig Clifton




I'm completely baffled that there is not a public outcry to save police jobs. Are the citizens in San Jose really that out of touch with the fact that the police are the reason crime has always been so well controlled in that city? I don't live or work in the City of San Jose and I'm glad I don't. With homicide rates climbing and exceeding that total for last year, I don't understand why your average citizen isn't fighting to keep all you officers on the street!

Police Layoffs

Well it's sad to hear the officers never had a chance to vote on a contract. The city of San Jose is ruthless and ill. They are making it so there will be no incentive to come work for the city or the police department. There are hundreds of other cities that were financially smart in this state that are going to take advantage of hiring the San Jose officers laid off. Word has it that the city wont have to lay off, there of hundreds of officers already trying to flee the city. San Jose officers are way underpaid and do not even come close to being compensated like other cities compensate there officers.... and San Jose cops works twice as hard. The city of San Jose thinks this quick fix is going to solve there problems, but reality is they are on there way to being like the city of Oakland, a complete crime ridden mess. Unfortunately most people have an I'll taste or jealousy when it comes to police retirements, but the fact is they are worth bit of it. Just do a day in a cops shoes and you'll change your mind.. And I do, so I know what I'm talking about. Ya eventually the city will hire cops again, but I promise, and I mean PROMISE that they will have to lower there standards because they will not have anything worth coming to this city for. The current officers on the chopping block are all degree holding, smart, talented individuals that are ranked some of the best officers in the nation. What a sad waste. Citizens of San Jose, you are in great danger and will not be safe. Stand up and fight for what's right and let your voice be heard. Let's just hope and pray they decide to to lay off from an already dwindling police force.

Some of these officers I

Some of these officers I know. I can't believe this....our city seems to just be getting worst and worst cause of the mayor.