San Jose Police Officers Spread Holiday Cheer to Families in Need

San Jose police officers routinely encounter families who are struggling financially during these difficult times. This holiday season, members of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association opened their wallets and contributed $2,400 dollars to distribute Target gift cards to San Jose families.

“Most often police officers encounter families in crisis and many times those families are also struggling financially. So, this year I wanted to work with officers to hand out gift cards to those families in need as a way of saying Happy Holidays to the community we serve,” said SJPOA Vice President Sgt. John Robb.

“Recently I received a call from an officer who encountered a family with two children living in a local motel. They had just enough money to pay the motel bill but not enough for presents or food. The officer provided the family with several gift cards and went one step further and purchased an additional gift card from a local supermarket so they could eat,” said Sgt. Robb.

Every day San Jose police officers are trying to help those in need. During the holiday season it is very difficult to see families struggling. If you want to help fund additional gift cards that San Jose officers can distribute please send a check (with “Holiday Gift Cards” in the memo line) to:
San Jose Police Officers’ Association
1151 North Fourth Street
San Jose, CA 95128

From the SJPOA family to you and yours have a Safe and Happy Holidays!