San Jose Police Officers Reject City Contract Offer - 954 Voted NO, 2 Voted YES

San Jose (CA)--Today the SJPOA announced that their membership, near-unanimously, rejected the latest City contract offer by a vote of 954 to 2. This vote was requested by the City as they believed that San Jose Police Officers were not united in their call to restore pay to a level that will stem the tide of veteran officers leaving the force.

"Today's vote sends a clear message to the city leadership to stop playing games and to get serious about solving the reasons behind over 275 officers leaving San Jose over the past several years", said SJPOA Director James Gonzales.

With the exodus of officers, emergency response times have escalated to over 20 minutes for Priority 2 calls and residential burglaries, auto thefts and gang violence have escalated.

"Our membership is united in calling on the city to restore the pay cuts we accepted when times were tough for the city. Now there is a $100 million general fund surplus and we are asking for an immediate restoration of pay to begin to provide enough financial incentive for officers to stay", said SJPOA Director Paul Kelly.

Today, the SJPOA has sent a contract proposal to the City accompanying the membership vote total.

Letter to the City of San Jose on SJPOA Vote673.29 KB


Our Police Force

I am so thankful when I see articles that reflect what is REALLY going on with our police officers and how we, San Jose citizens, have believed a lot of what's been said (falsely) about their pay and pension, and taken away their pensions, cut their salaries and sent them a message that they are not worth investing in...

I do hope the truth will continue to be told and that our citizens will make the right choice and support our officers.


United you stand, bravo Let the City and the Mayor know you are not giving in to them.