Bronx Supreme Court Judge Robert Neary has found NYPD Sgt. Hugh Barry not guilty for shooting a mentally-ill individual that swung a bat at the Sergeant's head. The Judge's ruling in the case should send a strong message to law enforcement that they should continue to take the necessary steps to protect themselves, their partners, and the public from dangerous threats. An adult swinging a baseball bat at an officer's head is a dangerous threat!

Judge Neary's ruling should send an equally strong message to pandering politicians and kowtowing political appointees that facts matter. New York Mayor De Blasio, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark, and NYPD Police Commissioner James O'Neill should have waited until all the facts were known before disparaging Sgt. Barry and his actions, and for placating protesters with their rush to indict and judge a case where a cop was defending himself after having a bat swung at his head.

The deceased was a mentally disturbed individual who needed long-term care and support that her family, friends, doctors, social workers, neighbors, and mental health professionals should have been delivering. Instead of politicians and their cronies rushing to indict Sgt. Barry, they should have been calling for an indictment of a broken mental health system that clearly let the victim down.

Sgt. Barry should be immediately reinstated to full duty and should be given a public apology for starters from Mayor De Blasio, DA Clark, and Commissioner O'Neill.