FPPC Staff Recommends Probable Cause Hearing on SJPOA’s Complaint Against Mayor Chuck Reed

Earlier the Silicon Valley Daily Fetch reported that California’s Fair Political Practices Commission investigation into San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s illegal funneling of campaign cash to assist Rose Herrera may be nearing completion. Chief of Enforcement Gary Winuk is recommending that a hearing be held before the full commission to determine if probable cause exists and if so to issue a Formal Accusation against Mayor Reed. The Commission will vote to schedule the matter at their meeting this Thursday (see item 44 on page 13 of their agenda).

Last October, the FPPC issued a letter indicating that Mayor Reed’s funneling of $100,000 in campaign funds to an “independent expenditure committee” established to support Rose Herrera was illegal and ordered that the money be immediately returned.

Commenting on today's news, SJPOA President Jim Unland said, "We are hopeful that Chuck Reed and his cohorts will be held accountable for their violation of the law and that this episode will shine additional light on a pattern of deceitful and dishonest behavior exhibited by this Mayor and some of his supporters.”



I think they should start investigating everything the Mayor has done where money is concerned. What about all the money they spent trying to get the Oakland A's to San Jose.