Fighting for Fairness

As police officers across this country, we go out each and every day to face the unknown. For the average citizen, facing the unknown does not have the same meaning nor does it carry the same weight as it does for you. NO ONE, and we mean NO ONE, other than another member of law enforcement can fully understand what it is to carry and confront the burdens, expectations, and danger you face every single day. It can be overwhelming and in the environment we find ourselves in today, nearly impossible to manage.

Most of you have probably seen a recent media report involving a couple of our officers from VCET who were involved with the arrest of several individuals. Time after time, the responses of our political figures and purported “community leaders” is like watching a movie starting with the ending. They have no idea why the ending of the movie occurred the way it did because they never took the time to watch what led up to the final scene. This is what is occurring every day across this country. Some that want to chase a headline are basing their opinions on a snapshot in time and not the totality of circumstances. It’s unfair, wrong, and fuels a divide that some want to make larger between law enforcement and our community. It’s pathetic.

Our VCET officers are deployed every single day to address the most violent individuals involved in some of the most heinous crimes against residents and businesses in San Jose. We don’t get to publicize all of the guns they take off the streets, the violent offenders they take off the streets, or the dozens of times each year they deploy to prevent retaliatory gang activity. No one wants to talk about the fewer victims we have in San Jose because of the risks VCET and all of our officers take to try to keep us all safe. VCET officers did not ask for these individuals to kill, shoot, maim, or rob the innocent with countless stolen guns (by the dozens) that these same VCET officers recover every year.

I understand this is obvious to each of you, but when we speak up and speak out, we want people to understand that numbers don’t lie; facts don’t lie. Others want to use opinions to fit their narrative rather than the facts when speaking about you and the actions you take. Justice is not a one-way street. The very people that are screaming for justice and for due process are not willing to give you, the American law enforcement officer, the same justice and due process. 1 + 1 does not equal 3. We do not write the laws, we do not determine what an individual is charged with, we do not convict or acquit, we simply enforce the laws of the land. Others do not have to agree with or like the facts, but they cannot simply rewrite the facts to fit their knee-jerk narratives.

p>Our officers are NOT the enemy of the people, they are the guardians that protect the good from evil. The circumstances the VCET officers faced that day are yet to be determined. Unfortunately, they are being unfairly judged by some before a a fair and impartial investigation. They, as anyone in society, must be accorded their due process rights and their actions must be evaluated not by politics but through the lens of fairness. Fairness not because we expect it but because we demand it. If our political figures and others choose to define you without walking in your shoes, and more importantly without having facts, then the victims of their actions will not simply be only you, it will be everyone.


The wheels of justice, the balance test of fairness and equality, and overall due process will remain intact for each of you, even as others drive the narrative, not for the betterment of all, but rather for the betterment of themselves. We will fight for you and fairness.

Stay strong and safe,

Paul, Sean, and your entire Board of Directors