Does Madison Nguyen Believe Private Security is the Answer?

JIM UNLAND is president of the San Jose Police Officers Association and a Sergeant in the San Jose Police Department.

According to The Daily Fetch (click here to read the article and the evidence), it appears that Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen is promoting the private security company of her protégé and losing city council candidate Tam Truong as an answer to the increasing level of crime in San Jose neighborhoods.

Mr. Truong, a San Jose Police Officer, ran unsuccessfully against Councilmember Kansen Chu in 2012 and according to the Daily Fetch article is promoting his company’s services to neighborhoods.

It is unfortunate that Ms. Nguyen and Mr. Truong are not advocating for city leadership to utilize the $96 million dollars in general fund reserves to offer police officers a pay-raise and restore the hundreds of officers who have left the force.

It is also unfortunate that Madison and Tam don’t disclose to residents that it does not matter if a private security guard, or a resident, calls 911 the same response protocol is followed. The bottom line is that there are not enough police officers to respond now and it does not matter who is placing the call.

According to The Daily Fetch, this coming week TAPS will be pitching its service to one Willow Glen neighborhood that has gotten fed up and frustrated with the rise in crime.   San Jose Police Officers share their frustration and hope that Vice-Mayor Nguyen is not travelling down the path of privatizing police services in San Jose, especially a service that will benefit one of her family friends.


Private Security ... Maybe, TAPS... no.

Citizens are looking for a presence in their neighborhoods in the absence the SJPD. Other communities outside WG are looking into the same. We need to take a step back and look at the whole picture of corruption and abuse in SJ politics that have left us with no choice but to look for options to protect our property.

That TAPS is the next private company to profit off the close relationship with our city's leaders shouldn't be surprising.

Tam Truong

Remember the Zimmerman case? The other end part of this is private security guards being paid and asked to look the other way for favors. That is what separates the real police from the privately paid security. Scruples and ethics.

Mr. Truong's Pay Jobs

I'd be curious to know what Mr. Truong's PD assignment is and if he is subject to the mandatory overtime that our officers have been subjected to. He seems to have a lot of time on his hands running a side business!

Tam Troung

I hope this guy tam troung is not double dipping on San Jose time while running his security company . My be internal affairs should look at home for time sheet fraud..

Who would hire a disgraced officer Tam Truong

One who would hire an officer that is not respected among the real working police. Second it Seems like a conflict of interest. Tam supported Measure B and the reduction of police in neighborhoods. Then he turns around and makes money off this. Hope IA is looking at this?

Wil SMoke