City Administration Sabotages Police Contract Deal

By George Beattie

The POA went into our final negotiations with the City on Wednesday optimistic that we were close to a deal.

Both sides had agreed on a solution with regards to the 10% pay cut that would have saved the jobs of 156 officers.

However, at the last minute, the city added unnecessary language to the final proposal that was clearly intended to sabotage the POA’s attempt to jump-start pension reform.

The city’s additional failure to do everything in its power to avoid the layoffs of police officers has led us to doubt their efforts to keep police on the streets. Last week, the administration chose not to apply for all of the positions that the city was entitled to under the federal COPS grant; effectively laying off 43 officers due to inaction.

Despite these challenges, the POA will continue to work with the city to find solutions that will avoid layoffs, but the city is running out of time. 278 officers will soon lose their jobs.


George Beattie is President of the San Jose Police Officers' Association



A Thank You to SJPOA President Beattie.

I want to publicly thank SJPOA President George Beattie in this forum for the difficult task he has in dealing with this City Manager, Mayor and City Council, and still keeping the SJPOA membership informed of the Bulls*** surrounding our current contract negotiations. I think it is deplorable that this City Mayor (and City Manager Figone) want to attempt to erode the vested benefits we (the sjpoa membership) bargained for in good faith all of these previous years, (which you voted for council member Reed) with a ballot measure.

278 officers will soon lose their jobs. and crime will increase!

Laying off officers will further place citizens harm’s way and only benefit criminals. Having said that, how many criminal cases pending prosecution, trial, appeals or civil cases will be dismissed due to unavailable arresting officer / witnesses no longer employed by a City whose management sold them out. How much money will Santa Clara County or attorneys spend for personal subpoena service, witness fees and cost of transportation?