30 Officers Resign from San Jose Police Department in 60 days and the Assistant Chief of Police follows!

By Sgt. John Robb

In just under 60 days, 30 officers have resigned from the San Jose Police Department as the homicide rate exceeds a twenty-year high.  KCBS news reported that San Jose’s Independent Police Auditor, Judge LaDoris Cordell, believes there is little doubt that the recent spike in homicides were due to cuts in police staffing. Yet, despite the beliefs of police officers and Judge Cordell, as well as quantifiable crime statistics, Mayor Chuck Reed was quoted on KQED news just after San Jose’s 44th homicide stating, "Exactly what's causing the homicide rate to go up or go down is not something that anybody's been able to explain to me".

I, like many other officers, have sat in disbelief as our peers continue to resign while the Mayor claims no knowledge as to why San Jose’s crime rate is rising.  Looking back at history, city officials and Mayor Chuck Reed were warned that the San Jose Police Department had a severe shortage of officers. Former Chief of Police Robert Davis made these warnings and unfortunately they were ignored and today we can see the results.

In 2000, Chuck Reed was elected to the San Jose City Council after serving as a board member with the Downtown Business Owners Association and practicing law as a land use/developer lobbyist.  He held his council position until 2006 when he was elected Mayor.  On March 17, 2006, Chief Davis delivered a memorandum to then City Manager Les White that was distributed to the City Council.  The memorandum was titled, “SJPD Sworn Staffing Concerns.”  It was a summary of the staffing concerns he had compiled regarding the loss of over 73 sworn officer positions between the fiscal years 2002 through the fiscal 2005-2006 budget cycle.  Chief Davis was concerned about the long term staffing trends and wrote: 

In the past, reassignment of personnel from support areas has eliminated positions while maintaining beat patrol structures. However, this strategy of reassignment, hiring fewer officers, reducing staff by attrition, and the cancellation of Police Academies, has placed the Department in a precarious position. The cumulative effects of “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” have placed the Department’s ability to provide basic police services in jeopardy. These services not only include patrol, but also include investigative services. Additional cuts will, without question, impede the Department’s ability to provide basic police services, which over the years have already been eroded.

On November 17, 2006 Chief Davis delivered a proposed five-year staffing plan to the Mayor and City Council. That plan called on city officials to hire 478 sworn officers over the next five years. Chief Davis complained that in 2006, his sworn staff was 1,343 officers and this placed staffing at 1998 levels. He recommended the Mayor and the Council implement his plan that would increase sworn staffing to 1,821 officers in five years. He predicted that absent additional officers, crime rates would likely rise as our ability to respond to them would decrease.

Chief Davis’ concerns were ignored and no action was taken; yet special interest development projects and city subsidies continued despite their high costs and limited return on city investment. In 2010, the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury filed a report on the Hayes Mansion. This special interest project is owned by the City of San Jose and has been losing taxpayer money every year. The Grand Jury report detailed that between calendar years 2003 through 2011, the Hayes Mansion cost taxpayers nearly $35 million dollars in losses. As those losses grew, talk continued about building a baseball stadium for the A’s and low cost land transfers occurred that subsidized multi-millionaires at the expense of basic city services.  Officer staffing levels were ignored, employee benefits and compensation were reduced, and now our most experienced and well-trained officers are leaving for other jurisdictions. Mind you, these other jurisdictions were able to solve their budget issues without the divisive and destructive methods employed by this Mayor and his council majority.

Six years ago, Chief Davis pleaded forsworn staffing to increase to 1,821 officers. Six years later, our staffing now stands at close to1,006 street ready officers.  But with 51 of those officers on disability/medical leave and 35 on modified duty, our department has now shrunk to a shocking staffing level of just 920 officers in a city of over one million people.

Chief Davis warned that failure to act on his recommendations "would greatly impact our department." He wrote, "The lack of incremental staffing additions during the last four years, combined with increases in population and development, intensified the impact of staffing shortages. During the period from 2003 to 2005, the Department's most serious calls for service increased, while officers' opportunities for self-initiated activities declined. Without additional staffing, this trend will likely continue, resulting in a primarily reactive, calls-for-service Patrol Division" [emphasis added]

After working as a police officer for 24 years, I have come to learn that it is easy to discount a rising homicide rate with claims of ignorance, when you are not the one who has to the notify the families of their loss. These homicides and near homicides in the form of shootings, assaults and stabbings have a damaging impact on the victims and their families and on our neighborhoods. The Mayor’s claim of ignorance as to what has contributed to our crime increase demonstrates a lack of leadership and empathy toward those victims and their families that have been torn apart by violence.

Today, America’s once safest large city and national model police department are in decline. A decline brought on by narrow-minded politics that allowed no room for compromise. SJPOA and other unions offered legal pension reform that would have saved millions. We asked to go into the same pension plan the Mayor and Council are in, CalPERS. We were told NO!  Voters have already begun to ask themselves, "What did I actually vote for?" A measure that forced the largest number of police resignations in American history! In less than 60 days, an additional 30 officers have resigned and this includes the Assistant Chief of Police who has just announced her resignation. Since January of 2011, 139 officers have resigned from our department. Well over 50 additional officers are now in backgrounds with other agencies and are also likely to resign. Our Chief has retired after less than two years on the job, our Assistant Chief has resigned with less than 1 year on the job, and numerous command staff officers are actively applying for jobs with other cities. This number does not count retirements, just resignations.

The City of San Jose spends on average over $170,000 to train new officers and additional dollars for ongoing training once officers are street-ready. Today, the City of San Jose has lost over twenty-three million dollars in training costs in just the last two years! While the loss of twenty-three million dollars in training costs should shock our citizen taxpayers, the loss of 46 lives is without measure.  Every officer in the city knows why crime is rising and, the Independent Police Auditor knows why crime is rising.

Mayor Chuck Reed, the officers who just resigned along with your Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police, know why crime is rising! Your officers are resigning because you no longer pay a living wage or honor your contracts!

Listed below are the names and agencies of the 30 officers who resigned in less than 60 days.

Ofc. J. Baker Resigned Colma P.D. 30
Assistant Chief Rikki Goede Resigned Piedmont PD 29
Ofc. M. DelaCerda Resigned San Mateo D.A. Office 28
Ofc. J. Terry Resigned Santa Clara PD 27
Ofc. R. Martinez Resigned Aurora PD Colorado 26
Ofc. I. Fry Resigned San Leandro PD 25
Ofc. V. Martinez Resigned Aurora PD Colorado 24
Sgt. E. Conover Resigned Redwood City PD 23
Ofc. G. Albin Resigned Redwood City PD 22
Ofc. M. Ruybal Resigned Redwood City PD 21
Ofc. A. Luisi Resigned Santa Cruz S.O. 20
Ofc. A. Hutson Resigned Santa Cruz S.O. 19
Ofc. H. Dinh Resigned Unk. Agency 18
Ofc. D. Haws Resigned Unk. Agency 17
Ofc. M. Phan Resigned Los Gatos PD 16
Ofc. W. Hoyt Resigned Los Gatos PD 15
Ofc. S. Fierro Resigned Morgan Hill PD 14
Ofc. M. Whittington Resigned S.C.C.D.A. Office 13
Ofc. T. Rose Resigned S.C.C.D.A. Office 12
Ofc. G. Newton Resigned Livermore PD 11
Ofc. R. Chubon Resigned S.C.C.D.A. Office 10
Ofc. T. Sjon Resigned Watsonville PD 9
Ofc. D. Saiki Resigned Redwood City PD 8
Ofc. S. Nunes Resigned Santa Cruz S.O. 7
Ofc. J. Freitas Resigned Redwood City PD 6
Ofc. J. Macias Resigned Redwood City PD 5
Ofc. J. Martin Resigned FremontPD 4
Ofc. J. Aragon Resigned Redwood CityPD 3
Ofc. M. Cristobol Resigned Hayward PD 2
Ofc. N. Castillo Resigned Unk. Agency 1







New hires will stick around

New hires will stick around long enough to get a certificate and then jump ship to another agency. San Jose citizens and politicians are now just dumping money down a never ending hole. San Jose is a training ground, paying for and providing the necessary experience an officer needs to get a job elsewhere. You get what you pay for and you pay for public safety one way or another.

Thank you San Jose, Stockton, and Oakland for training the majority of Northern California's police officers, all the cities that will ultimately hire those officers away appreciate your generosity. There is no need to run acadamies anymore with you guys taking care of all the recruitment and training.

I'm moving!!!

After living in my home for 30 years and finally getting it paid off, I thought I would live here forever. These politicians are playing games with our safety by misleading the public with their lies. What they have done is illegal and unethical and have brought shame to our once great City. Mayor Reed and most of the City Council needs to be replaced and we need to fix this horrible mess ASAP! It will continue to get much worse before it ever gets better. Not a risk I am willing to take. Not the best time to sell my house especially since many no longer want to live in or even visit San Jose.

Concealed carry is the

Concealed carry is the answer. I greatly appreciate the police and have personal friends who are SJPD and other local local agencies BUT the police do not stop murders. They are called after the fact to investigate and arrest. If we want to lower the murder rate we need CCW. Statistically it has lowered violent crime everywhere it has been implemented. Unfortunately the top brass prefers political correctness over our safety.

This whole mess just

This whole mess just infuriates me, what does more is I just spent 1/2 hr writing a comment and my computer crashed. So lets do it again.
Anyone who really took the time to study all the facts, listen to the jargon and really pay attention, would have seen this coming.
There is not a sole on the Police or Fire department that do not understand the need for change. Despite all the best efforts by the various unions towards the end to reach a compromise, the Mayor and I suppose the council chose to push this to the citizens rather than to accept any offer. In addition the description of the voting material was written in such a fashion many folks voted not really understanding what they just voted for (asked folks just didn't assume this).
Now the net result is we have a mass Exodus of PD and Fire either to go to another city or retire before they loose it all. Besides the initial layoff, we have lost many many folks and in most cases , either the most experienced (which by all means you need for this kind of work) or the very new full of the love for there new job and this city. Police, Fire and Paramedic jobs require a great amount of training and then periods of time when you really need veterans to help you through the job. In addition when big events unfold , such as our current situation, you really wished you had the experience at the helm. Now when I say this, while some may assume I mean the upper staff levels, I actually mean the upper staff and the individuals on the street doing the ground work and the very first you may see in an incident.
What saddens me as people complain of responses or the lack of them, I have spoken to officers who are just as saddened to not be able to respond as that is part of why they took the job... the interaction with the citizens.
So now we spend approximately $170,000 per new hire to train them when you could have kept 2 officers (obviously depending on rank and tenure)on the street already trained. In addition with the large layoff combined with the large exodus, we can't even catch up.You can't screen, interview, and train officers fast enough to cover losses. Academy sizes have to be limited as this type of work is very specialized and only a certain amount can be trained in any given academy in order to meet the demands and the standard we have set to have been once the safest city in the country for 5 yrs. Then , like Fire and Paramedics , probationary police officers have to ride along with someone for a good amount of time before they are released for very obvious reasons.
At one time the City of San Jose was the place to go, have the best job, the best training and be respected in your field. Today the respect is still there, the training is still there but you are now the person most sought after by other cities as you come as a complete package.
This entire mess has reached a point that should it not change, continued vigilante efforts (not a good idea) and the exodus will continue such that only new officers and only the experienced officer that have to stay to get any retirement or they simply can't find work is all we will have left. Nice is that what anyone of us bargained for.
The refusal to recognize this and to not even use common sense to figure out what is causing it or what could stop it is beyond me.
I even had a thought, that frankly as a neighborhood leader kept to myself for a great amount of time. The thought is simple, despite the fact the city (from time to time) magically finds money that must have gone poof in the cities coffers , seems to be focused on the almighty $ so
the county with a citizen population of 1.8 million is run by 5 folks and our city of 967,000 is run by 11. Could someone due the math I only have two degrees.
Out of respect for council that has done a good job I need to say, the intent here, since that is the cities intent, is to suggest a cost reduction resource.
If I have made anyone mad, I apologize , however having lived here for over 35 yrs, watching us grow with the pains we have, seen the change both good and bad... we are at a crisis and the one thing all of us want, is to feel safe. We once felt safe with a PD staffing level of less than 1/2 the national norm and today we are far below that standard.
I will say this is all compounded by the media as when reporting news they are also saying to the bad folks, come here and be a criminal , we can't do anything about it.
While not part of the budget, I suggest you get your neighbors and be vigilant. Report any crime or suspicious activity, be visible and let others know you are watching. Do not be vigilante as that is dangerous. Form Neighborhood watches, visit in your front yards not your back yards... take back this community and support your emergency personnel as they deserve it. (not part of this either but the civilian workforce is suffering the same way)

San Jose police dept

I'm from San Jose ..always proud of back home..I work for Shreveport police dept..I can only hope and pray all this works out for the community.. they need the police to protect and serve , for sheep have no clue what to do...police Dept.. needs the veterans to show and help the new officers..to carry on....it just saddens my heart to hear this..unbelievable to my eyes as i read this article.
prayers sent


San Jose needs their Police Officer's!

San Jose needs their Police Officer's! Why didn't you support them? How many of you have ever had a ride along or more? Your hair would be standing on end to see them in action! For so many Police Officer's to be leaving, I believe it is in protest of lack of support & starts at the top! As Ryan mentioned in an earlier post, Everytime a First Responder puts on their uniform they are putting their life on the line!

I think of the compassion of so many police, paramedics, fire fighter's & their families working on Holidays to serve the underserved to help provide food & toys for children.

Please consider the sacrifice of all of our First Responder's & make sure they have proper support & stop undercutting their pay, pension & cutting back their support. Have you ever seen all of the paperwork a policeman has to fill out for every accident or incident? You have no idea the work they do otherwise you would be begging to have them back!


Trish Calv

I am not going to say Mr.

I am not going to say Mr. Reed is incompetent or corrupt, as he certainly is both. I am not going to say he wrecked the PD, as that part is obvious. I am not going to say it will become judgement day soon on the streets of SJ, as it certainly will as per the bible. What I am going to say is that homicide is no laughing matter if it happens to you or your loved ones. Mr. Reeds stump couldn't penetrate a bag of feathers.

Not Providing a Safe Working Environment

SJPOA and the Firefighters should sue the City for "failing to provide a safe working environment". These deplorable staffing cuts, accelerating part one crimes, and labeling the unions as the bad guys is a classic diversion of attention from the cronyism between Mayor Reed, council members, and developers. The few remaining employees should mount a recall campaign against Mayor Reed and his council majority. Why is Reed allowed to spend some $200k a year to have a "police liaison" work out of the Mayor's office? Can't the Mayor get police information from the Chief of Police? Or, are there so many Chiefs' coming/going that the Mayor doesn't get to know who they are?

18 year resident and law enforcement officer

I really appreciate John Robb making the dire situation with SJPD so clear. I am an 18 year resident of San Jose and I'm a 25 year veteran law enforcement officer with another local agency. I have lived in the Blossom Valley area and I"ve currently got my house on the market. I am looking to move out of San Jose to South County, but to be honest, I would consider almost any city other than San Jose. I have noticed a dramatic increase in crime in the past few years and a dramatic decrease in police services. I live across the street from a park that has it's share of criminal activity. I choose not to "front myself" as a law enforcement officer by confronting the criminal activity. I choose to contact SJPD instead. They no longer respond on any crime that is not an "active" assault to similar. (my experience only)

In the past 18 months, I have been a witness to an attempted homicide (stabbing of a 13 year old boy by some gang bangers) and my husband has been a victim of a violent assault with a knife weilding homeless man who was asking for money. I can say that I no longer consider San Jose a safe place to live, and with the extreme reduction of law enforcement officers, it won't improve anytime soon. Isn't it obvious to everyone (except Mayor Reed) exactly why that is?? I pray my home sells quickly...

Our POlice officers and mayor Reed!

I support our San Jose Police Officers. I'm really unhappy to see how many of them are leaving. I hope they will be replaced with
good officers who are there to protect us as crime rises even in
area of San Jose you never expected to see it. We need more police officers not fewer. I would also like to see the equestarian unit alive a well again as they made contact with people few others did and made us feel safe in downtown San Jose.
All mayor Reed has to do is look at the cuts that have been made in so many areas in our government which kept people busy and off the street. He should try opening more shelters and helping who can work to find jobs where they can support themselves. Like many
people who have lived in San Jose for fifty years or more I can certainly see why the crime rate is up. We need more libraries with more hours. Women also need some means of being able to protect themselves if the have no family in the area. I've heard it
said that Policing is a young man's job. If this is so let us get some good qualified young men and women to do that job, those with ethics and commitment.


Mayor Reed,
Time to wake up and face the facts that our city has now become a dangerous place to live in. Basically from all the budget cuts of SJPD.
It is not safe anymore, nor do I feel safe anymore.
Time To lay off some city workers or perhaps administrators salaries to be reduced. Lots of Cal Trans guys standing around doing nothing I see.
You are risking lives of our city citizens and the lives of the SJPD Dept. by not fully staffing them.
Did not the SJPD and SJFD both take cuts to keep their jobs? Why has that not happened to City staff and administrators especially?
Time to get on the ball and instead of slowly destroying our city.
I always believed the Mayor, SJPD and SJFD all worked together for a better, safer place to live in. Does not seem that way anymore?

San Jose PD

Mayor Chuck Reed you truly need to open your eyes and pull your head out of the sand. This city needs its veteran police officers for balance. A police department with rooky police officer will end up in chaos and will cost the city dearly. All you are doing is saving tax dollars for the large payouts.

I strongly support the SJPD

I strongly support the SJPD officers, but I do not like SJPD/SC county sherrif's office policies either. The best way to reduce homicide rates is to offer CCW permits. 250 have been approved out of 1 million residents is a JOKE!

Allow me to protect myself and than maybe I will care more. I think the officers on the street would agree that responsible and law-abiding people should be able to defend their selves as well. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was trusted to carry weapons there, but I am not trusted to defend myself or my family here in my own city/state!

With that said, It is a reality in today's age that retirement accounts should not be a public tax burden. I do not understand why government employees cannot use 401k or IRA's just like everyone else.

Finally, I want to say, that I appreciate the individual officers here in San Jose and regularly support their fund drives. Not a fan of San Jose's (Berkeley 2.0) or California's political politics though.

I don't think a bunch of

I don't think a bunch of cowboys running around with CCW will help in any way. If anything, it will add to the problem as any officer arriving on a scene of people not officers shooting back and forth will both be killed and then sorted out. This city is way to packed to have anyone but a uniformed officer drawing a weapon.

Very well said

I think you said what needs to be said. As an Afghanistan veteran myself, it was a hard pill to swallow coming home and experiencing the sheer lack of respect that law enforcement officers have for us. I consider my weapon to be an extension of myself, and considering that most of us veterans are better trained than law enforcement about weapon discipline and escalation of force, there's no reason why we should not be allowed to defend ourselves.

Also, you are completely correct about pensions. I have general respect for law enforcement as an institution, but where else can a high school graduate with six months of POST training receive such a high salary and benefits package, especially in the Bay Area?? Law enforcement should be required to invest and save just like anybody else, especially considering their high salaries for such little education and experience.

Lack of knowledge

Why is it that people think SJPD do not have college educations ? First you have to have a degree to be hired and second a vast majority have four year degrees.

The San Jose Role Model

San Jose was once considered the Model of Policing, agencies throughout the United States looked to SJPD.
You need to convene a Gand Jury My Friends, to Investigate this Rogue Mayor and His Cronies.
To the Citizens of San Jose, You should be Appalled, To the Officers of the SJPD, you should Transfer, your talents can be used anywhere but San Jose.

Visting San Jose

Due to the recent violence in San Jose I no longer visit the city. I cannot risk the lives of my family or a police response if something does happen. San Jose is a large beautiful city and it is sad to see the decline in safety and ignorance of the Mayor and All of the City Council for letting this happen. Shame on all of you and I hope that all of you get replaced.



Redwood City

I share that sentiment, Jerry - I immediately thought, gee, probably time to move....to Redwood City! I'm just concerned that this increase in crime rate will depress our housing values further, so the sale price will be impacted as a result.


It is sad as a society that a Mayor will not stand behind the police dept. So what is he going to say to the next victims family? If it was me and something happened to my loved one I would sue the bejesus out of the city till they had no money to squeeze out if their tight little fists and then I would sue the mayor to where he would want to sit in an empty corner crying because he couldn't afford toiletpaper to wipe his tight a@* with. He does not care for the citizens of San Jose and obviously doesn't care about the people that are trying to protect and serve the citizens. What a Despicable human being. Good luck San Jose I hope you keep your eyes open for what will happen with no police dept

Grinds my gears!

It really grinds my gears to hear that our OFFICERS have to suffer this way as well as our residents and CHILDREN. To be honest i am trying to become an officer myself and find it disappointing to know that our officials could careless about our safety. Oifficers should be getting paid as much as a sports athlete. They sacrific themselfs as well as put their families in stressful situations. My heart goes out to all the officer who have put them selfs on the line for our safety.

What can we do ?

We should all be asking what can we do as San Jose residents to influence change?
This has really shocked me! It is nerve wrecking to think we only have 900 officers available .............
As a community what can we do?

Sir/ma'am, As I understand

As I understand it, San Jose residents overwhelmingly voted for a cut in police pay and benefits. You can start by contacting your councilman or councilwoman and voicing your concerns. Have your friends and neighbors do the same. Make sure you ask for names of the people you talk to. This will make them more accountable. I feel sorry for the minority of San Jose residents who support the police. They are the victims here. San Jose will go the way of Oakland and Stockton very soon if things do not change.

Homicide Shmomicide...

Who cares about homicide rates and police resignations when the Truly Important Work of making sure nobody carries groceries out in Evil Plastic Bags is being done? Priorities, people!


This just about sums it up.

Sounded like SJ council and mayor are the issues here, refused..

The city management in SJ specifically the mayor and the city council have demonstrated that they have totally lack the necessary financial and mngt skills to effectively managed the city of SJ. It must be noted that a city or county is a business NO different than a business McDonald or INTEL, or google or BOA.

A cities profit and loss statement reflects its ability to minimize crime provide outstanding services such as: police, garbage collection, transportation services, medical services, are just a few of the examples that any productive or successful city achieves.

Take the city of NY,it now has in outstanding mayor, it has now outstanding city council, it has now outstanding police force. NOTE: The police force has been most successful since 911 to prevent terrorist attacks because as an example of their successful terrorist threat reduction. They have installed a full time intelligence division w/in the police force that interfaces with the Federal Law Enforcement, and in the intelligence community, as well as confident city, county and state law enforcement communities throughout the U.S. The prime reason for this success is professional strategic planning and tactical success because of a strong and CAPABLE police commissioner, NY city council, and the mayor of NY.

This is a role model that our city of SJ must immolate and adopt, if this does not happen SJ will continue to slip into a high level of criminal activity currently being exhibited in and by the city of Chicago.

I don't think you meant

I don't think you meant "immolate"... that means something quite different.

Reed wants to know why people kill before protecting us ?

Tell mayor Chuck Reed that if he figures out why people kill other people then he can explain it to the killers and maybe, if they understand themselves more, they will not kill (sarcasm)... Reed is a joke.. the rate probably went up cuz he made cuts to the PD..

SJPD understaffed

The mayor will be lobbying the fed for the use of drones over the sky of san jose in no time.

Why you ask?

Reed must reduce the deficit. It is all about politics. What we knew as the Redevelopment Agency or RDA is now called the the Successor Agency of the Rdevelopment Agency or SARA. The RDA/SARA has a huge deficit problem (nothing to do with pensions). The RDA was run by the City Council. Today SARA is run by the likes of Chuck Reed and Debra Figone. Overtime, the RDA ran up a huge deficit. It continued to issue more bonds but the banks needed a co-signer. That co-signer was/is The City of San Jose. So has you can see The City is on the hook for millions each year for many many years to come. How is Chuck going to get the money? He is going to get from the workers. He doesn't care what it costs but that is how he is going to do it. He has stood up, pushed his chair back and said he was all in. He doesn't even care if crime goes up and citizens get victimized.

How about if we just sell RDA/SARA assets such as the "stadium land"? Can't, that land has been sheltered and transferred to the Diridon Development Authority.

Final thought. In 2009 the RDA loaned former mayor McEnery's company called Urban Markets millions of dollars to build San Pedro Square (with Swenson as the builder). Last month Reed and Figone pledged to reduce the loan amount, extended the term of the loan and offer no interest for five years.

Stay safe San Jose.



I am also sad that our city takes no pride in doing the right thing by our officers or our citizens.
We have spent so much money on re-development over the years, to bring commerce and residents to San Jose. Now to put all of our safety in jeopardy this way is a crime. I do hope that while our city leaders are living high on San Jose's hog..they come to realize the grave error in judgement before they need to call 911.

30 officers gone in 60 days

How come sjpoa doesn't talk about the double dipping "law enforcement" advisor working for mayor reed? A full calpers retirement and then him raking in another 140k and possible vesting in San Jose retirement system all the while giving bad advise over and over again. Politics at its worst. Then this bad city mayor plans to run for county supervisor seat. What damage will he do there? All the while he gets more and more time racked up on his calpers retirement. The worst part is no one talks about the politicians that agree to these labor contracts knowing they have an obligation to put the money aside to back the commitments. It's easier to move to another office or leave pushing the problem down the road. Look at the road now, yet they and the media blame the labor unions over and over again, Labor unions don't control the money or the commitments the politicians vote on.

Critical levels

Mayor Reed has demoralized the police department. There will be more officers leaving soon as the damage is done. No one can afford to work for the city anymore with the continuous cuts. Reed has created a horrible culture. Officers are finally realizing that risking their lives to protect this city is not work the risk anymore. Wait another year and see what happens. This will be the first large city test case that goes bad. Good luck!

What a Liar!

Reed must believe most people are stupid. How else can you explain his bald faced lie? Frankly, if I was a resident of San Jose, I would be offended.

Excellent article and thank

Excellent article and thank you for writing it.

As a concerned citizen, a volunteer at SJPD for 16 years and a Police Oral Interview Board member for 12 years, this article hits hard to the ongoing effort of recruiting qualified police candidates. The Recruiting Unit does a fantastic job on the recruiting effort and it is our job, and one that I take very seriously, to weed through those who have been invited to go through the oral interview process.

We will conduct the interviews, get those who have passed all phases of the hiring process hired all the time knowing that after two or three years, these officers will leave for other agencies. The City of San Jose is paying for the recruiting and training costs for other city's police departments.

Mr. Mayor, this is unacceptable. You have put both public safety and officer safety at risk by ignoring the staffing plans submitted by Chief Davis. A city this size cannot get by with 900+ sworn personnel.

I can guarantee you one thing, the potential lawsuits the city will have to pay out is far more expensive than hiring officers at the appropriate staffing level for a city our size. Get your head out of the sand and stop acting like you don't know the facts. Your excuse is pathetic.

Mayor reed's ignorance

Reed is not an ignorant man. He is just acting stupid and blind to what is happening at SJPD because he would have to admit he messed up. Really!! Anyone with a brain can figure out why the crime rate has risen
My other concern is the safety of the officers working the streets because of the shortage Mayor Reed has created. Mayor Reed WAKE UP and smell the coffee. You are creating a very unsafe city not only for the citizens but also the sworn officers who already put their lives on the line. Do you want San Jose to be the big topic on the news as the city of Oakland is? Admit you screwed up and pulled the wool over the citizens of San Jose thinking your cutbacks would improve the city of San Jose. Now some of the people are not happy with special units being abolished and the length of time people have to wait for an officer to respond, if they respond at all.

San Jose City Poilice Department

My son and many other aquaintenances are employed by the San Jose Police Department.
Not only have they taken a cut in pay by the loss of retirement, but they are also putting their lives in jeopardy every day.
With the number of officers declining, the remaing officers have to try to meet the needs of the people, while criminals run rampant, knowing that officers are understaffed and cannot react to avert the crimes and aprehend the offenders.
As a parent of an officer and former homeowner of San Jose, I am sorry to say that I am ashamed of the city that I once called home and was proud of it.
I am not sure what I should tell my son or his fellow officers, but I do know their morale is very low, and it should not be that way. They should be proud to wear the badge of the SJPD. I have always feared for their safety, but now it is even a more imposing feeling.
My hope is that even in the economy of today, the city leaders would recognize the importance of their emergency services, and not jeapordize their lives or the lives of it's citizens.

When I came in San Jose in

When I came in San Jose in 2007, I am very happy with the security SJ had. Going through all the past 5 years, I'm seeing the security concerns in many areas in downtown especially. I have a family, I don't want to put them in danger. I don't want to live with fear in San Jose, if the crime increases. I give respect and salute the SJPD of their History.

Because of the cuts in pay, Even the good officers are not showing interest to catch the crime and they are torturing other innocent people. They are getting disrespected to wards their hard work.

I like, Love, respect San Jose Police Department, but don't want them to go into the darker side.

God please help us and punish the responsible person for this.

Mayor Reed must go!

Mayor Reed has done enough damage to the City of San Jose. Despite of him not listening to his Police Chief and the Police Auditor, he choose to do things his way. We have fallen out the top five largest safest city. Muder rates are at it's all time high. The mayor fabricate the deficit to get his way. It's seems as if it's the Mayor way or the highway. The Mayor must go. It is Time to stop manipulating the people for political gain and really look out for the interest of the people of San Jose. Bring on a New Mayor,

Sad day for San Jose Residents

The Mayor needs to be recalled. Before one more life is taken.


Very interesting article. Don't forget that Dispatchers are also leaving in swarms. Who will answer 911?

Early Retirements

John, along with the resignations you should take into account the large number of early retirements taken by senior officers to avoid the Reed pay cuts and higher retirement and medical contributions. I'd like to see the number including all retirements under 30 years in the last 2 years!

Exodus of talent.

Not only the police department is losing talent. All departments are seeing this exodus. Treat people this way and what do you expect? The mayor, council and citizens need to wake up.

What about the wives of police officers!

I keep asking my husband to resign too! I'm really worried about his safety now that San Jose Police are short staffed due to the Mayor Chuck Reed with his evil ways.
Shame on you Reed!

Pension reduction and pay cuts

Don't forget the loyal SJPD POA member who loves his tax free SJPD disability retirement check which is probably direct deposited to his bank account every month. Don't forget how he has become Reeds little K-- A--.and supports Reeds dragonion Hitler decisions. No need to guess who that is other then X. SJPD officer city counsel man Pete Constant. Please wake up people of the City of SanJose before it is to late. You must know that every new officer hired takes approximately 18 months to two years of training before he or she becomes an effective officer. The cost to put on the street $170,000 to $200,000 per officer. You have been lied too by these so called leaders RECALL THEM NOW before itis to late.

Criminal Politicians

I too have begged my husband to leave the San Jose Police Dept. This lunatic mayor has no regard or concern for not one citizen of San Jose or safety officer. He is nonchalant about the loss of life and appears completely ignorant to any solution. I grew up and raised my children in San Jose and pray to GOD to leave this ghetto town and never return. But, wait. What about the 900 officers left to try and contain this anarchy? Citizens of San Jose you may want to pay close attention to what is going on and become proactive to save your city and lives. RECALL..RECALL..RECALL!!!!!!

Another Direction

It would probably serve the citizens well to vote to have the County take over and absorb the remaining Police Offiers. It does not appear that the current council has any idea as to how to serve the citizens. When I retired as a Police Officer in 1987 San Jose was one of the leaders in the field and also one of the safest Cities in the U.S.

The citizens SHOULD vote for

The citizens SHOULD vote for the County to take over. Ask the citizens of Saratoga and Cupertino if they are happy overall with the service from the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department.
I bet they say yes. You know why? Because the Deputies still respond to every call for service. Even property crimes like car burglaries. San Jose no longer responds to these types of calls. You have to fill out a form on the internet for these types of crimes. What a joke!

Most major cities in southern California have learned their lessons and have contracted with the Sheriff Departments for police service because in the long run it saves money for the cities and you get better service!


I agree with my fellow San Jose residents about the state of the SJPD and we need to put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Mayor Reed and the council members who supported his efforts (as well as the shortsighted residents who voted to cut police services). It seems that Reed has political ambitions as the "cost cutting mayor" of the USA. We only have to look at his trip to Iowa to explain how he accomplished his goals.
In my district, the people elected Khamis, a supporter of reduced services. It is really frustrating to see the city go in the direction that it is going. I have heard San Jose described as a big Hooterville, which appears to be true year after year.
Next time we are at a Starbuck's or other place, buy the officer his coffee and say thanks. The city has slapped them in the face, but it does not mean that we have to also.