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  • Re: Remembering Fallen San Jose Police Officer Desmond Casey

      Posted: 1 year 29 weeks ago

    While I was an air traffic controller at San Jose Int'l Airport, I had the privilege of knowing the air support unit staff. Stan, John, Vince and Desmond. I'll never forget when Desmond was working one night and I called over on phone to the hangar to make a noise complaint of a low flying helicopter night after night. As the conversation escalated, Desmond detected something in my voice and says "hold please... " in the background he goes "John, this one is for you!"..

    I put him thru some serious grilling, all bogus of course. When John told him who it was and that we had not met yet, we all had a good laugh of how I broke in the "new guy" for Air One.

    Desmond was a great guy and to this day, 21 years after I left San Jose, I still tell stories of flying in Air One with the guys and how Desmond saved many lives by making that crash landing like he did. He was an awesome guy. Great officer and great friend. I miss all the guys I associated with at SJC PD Air Support back in 1991-1995..

    ~ Alan Gorski
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Air Traffic Controller (retired 2014).

  • Re: Remembering San Jose Police Officer Jeffrey Fontana

      Posted: 2 years 6 weeks ago

    I remember this as if it was yesterday. I am thankful for your service and so sad your life ended so tragically and way too soon. May you rest in peace and may God bless your family with His peace.

  • Re: Memorial Service for Officer Michael Johnson #3718

      Posted: 2 years 36 weeks ago

    I've been a volunteer for 18 years at SJPD and I have met so many wonderful people during my time there. One of them was Michael Johnson. He was always so nice, kind hearted and considerate of others. Whenever I saw him, he would have a smile and a hug. He was so happy to be a police officer, serving the San Jose community with such professionalism and kindness.

    To say he will be missed is truly an understatement. I met him 15 years ago when he and Jeff Fontana were taking their final academy scenario testing. My job was to be a domestic violence victim for that testing and along with my officer "husband", we had to behave very badly in front of these cadets. Mike asked me a few years later after he was hired where we came up with such bad behavior and language and I told him that it was my inner actress talent! He used to call me the "Domestic Violence Victim from Hell" and I loved it!

    My thoughts and prayers will always be with Mike, his family, friends and colleagues at the San Jose Police Department. We lost one of the great ones on March 24th and I will never forget our friendship.

  • Re: Remembering San Jose Police Officer Jeffrey Fontana

      Posted: 3 years 6 weeks ago

    RIP Jeff Fontana & God bless your spirit and your family.

  • Re: The Truth About Elyse Rivas Lie

      Posted: 3 years 7 weeks ago

    It helped me understand the issue better. It was clear and supported by several lines of evidence. Have a day. Brian

  • Re: The Truth About Elyse Rivas Lie

      Posted: 3 years 7 weeks ago

    Here is an Article written by Rivas after failing the BAR for the second time. "Two time loser" as she calls herself. She's only a one time police academy loser so far.

    Elyse Rivas, Esq.

    "I was a two-time bar loser, and totally defeated. I thought that there was nothing I could do to help me pass the Bar. I even thought that I might have a learning disability because no matter how hard I tried, I could not maintain all the information that the CA Bar expects their applicants to memorize and apply."

    Why are people assuming Rivas is being truthful? Why didn't the Mercury news take a minute to contact one or two of other 28 recruits in the room to verify her VERY serious claim??? This is written by a scorned recruit who couldn't pass ALL phases of the academy. Fail one componet and you get ONE remedial. Fail again your out, cut and dry. I was in an academy class of 60 back in 1990. Less than 43 of us graduated. That is a 28% fail rate. Her academy 27% fail rate. The department cannot just stick unqualified people in a situation that can get themselves or people they are sworn to protect hurt or killed.
    One recruit was terminated in my academy because his poor parking abilities. He had remedial training but failed again. You can hit one to many cones and and was gone. I think gun safety might be just a little more scrutinized than parking ability? The range master, Pat Comford, at the academy did in fact give her 7+ extra hours of training.
    Lets have ALL the facts here not just the biased individual whom couldn't pass the BAR her first two attempts (would you want an attorney representing you or family members in a life altering case with those credentials?
    If she had problems with weapon safety in a non stress situation such as the academy police range (where no one is firing back), can you imagine in a life or death situation. What if a citizen life hung in the balance and she's trying to figure out what end of the gun to hold?
    I apologize now for what I am sure my many grammatical errors and poor writing (I did have remedial report writing, but I passed :))

  • Re: It's Time For a New Direction in San Jose

      Posted: 3 years 27 weeks ago

    Liccardo will make things nice and cozy for himself and his donors. Meanwhile, the city, which will never be able to carry San Francisco's jockstrap, will spiral. This town can't carry Minneapolis or San Antonio's jock either. Liccardo says he will cut police pay and benefits to pay for new cops. Think about that for a moment.
    WTF? You folks at Google etc. We need to cut your pay and benefits so that we can hire more folks from outside the country. Sounds great. Right?

  • Re: Priority 2 Calls for Service Must Be Made a Priority - By Sgt. John Robb

      Posted: 3 years 31 weeks ago

    To keep the number of officers from falling further, require new recruits to sign a 2 year contract BEFORE we spend any money on them. As a tax paying citizen, i resent the fact that this bad practice is happening. Get some balls, toughen up the standards and requirements.

  • Re: An Open Letter to City Manager Ed Shikada

      Posted: 3 years 48 weeks ago

    Well written Jim and thank for your strong support of these officer's and all POA members.

  • Re: An Open Letter to City Manager Ed Shikada

      Posted: 3 years 48 weeks ago

    Mr. City Manager, soon Mayor Reed will be gone, and hopefully none of the current council members running for mayor will be elected to his position as we can only expect more of the same. The citizens of San Jose deserve better than what we've been enduring. And it starts with your employees.