In Honor of Officer John Covelesk, Badge #70

On the night of November 15, 1950 Officer Covelesk was working a midnight walking beat in the downtown area. Officer Covalesk located a door at 42 East San Fernando that had been pried open. As Officer Covelesk entered the building, the suspect, who had been hiding inside, opened fire from 4-5 feet away striking Officer Covalesk twice in the chest. As he was going down, Officer Covalesk drew his revolver and returned fire 6 times striking the suspect twice.  The suspect then stood over the still-conscious Officer Covalesk and fired one more round killing him.

Vote for Dave Cortese for Mayor for A Safe San Jose

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Remembering San Jose Police Officer Jeffrey Fontana

Today we remember the life and service of fallen San Jose Police Officer Jeffrey Fontana. Officer Fontana was gunned down while making a routine traffic stop early in the morning on an Almaden street. Fontana was only on the police force for a few months before his murder. Approximately eight years after his death, a jury convicted DeShawn Campbell of 2nd degree murder for killing Officer Fontana. Prior to joining the San Jose Police Department, he worked as a volunteer in community policing centers.

Remembering Fallen San Jose Police Officer Desmond Casey

On October 25th, we remember fallen San Jose Police Officer Desmond Casey. On October 25, 1999 Officer Casey was killed while piloting the department's helicopter. 

Below is the department's official account of Officer Casey's story. 

Mayor Reed's Campaign Consultant Implicated In Pay to Play

Today, a former SJ police officer came forward with a declaration sworn under penalty of perjury that suggests Mayor Chuck Reed's political consultant Victor Ajlouny offered money and his San Jose police officer job back if the former officer would claim that the POA asked him to quit.

Click the below to view the YouTube link to the story.

Click here to read Aaron Ettinger sworn declaration of the events that transpired.

The Truth About Elyse Rivas Lie

The Mercury News should be ashamed of itself. This weekend, I found myself on the receiving end of an attack piece in the form of a Mercury News op-ed authored by former police cadet Elyse Rivas. I was not given the courtesy of a phone call or opportunity to respond to Ms. Rivas’s lies.  In her opinion piece, Rivas clearly and unequivocally stated that I told the recruits in her class on their first day of work that they should quit.  These are her words from the op-ed, “he told us that it would be better for the Department and for us if we would just quit, right then and there.”

To be clear, I never said that or anything like that. In fact, upon follow-up questioning by Mercury News reporter Eric Kurhi, Rivas herself now says that she could not say I used the word “quit”. In the op-ed, she says I did, upon further questioning, she’s not sure??? This stinks.  Here is a statement from two officers who escorted that academy class that day and heard my discussion with the recruits.

Remembering the Fallen: Officer Robert Wirht

This month we honor fallen San Jose Police Officer Robert Wirht. Killed on September 8, 1988, while on a police motorcycle pursuing a speeding motorist, and then being struck by another errant motorist in traffic.

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