Remembering Fallen San Jose Police Sergeant Morris Van Dyck Hubbard

During the month of July, we remember fallen San Jose Police Sergeant Morris Van Dyck Hubbard. On July 12, 1924, 29-year-old Hubbard became of first San Jose police officer to fall in the line-of-duty. Below is the department’s official account of his story.

Remembering Fallen Officer Michael Katherman

Killed on June 14, 2016, due to an on-duty traffic collision when an errant motorist struck his police motorcycle.

Caserta Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Pierluigi Oliverio Should Do The Same

The SJPOA and other public safety unions demanded the withdraw of Pierluigi Oliverio from the race to replace County Supervisor Ken Yeager after another accused sexual harasser and verbal abuser, Dominic Caserta, resigned from office and withdrew from the Supervisor's race.

Honoring Fallen San Jose Police Officer John Buck

April 5th, we remember fallen San Jose Police Officer John Buck. On this date in 1933, Officer Buck succumbed to injuries he received in a gun battle.

Below is the department's official account of Officer Buck's story.

Statement on Proposed Legislation to Decimate Law Enforcement's Ability to Safely Respond to Dangerous Encounters

San Jose, CA - Yesterday, with much fanfare and little forethought as to the dangerous implications for police officer and public safety, AB 931 was introduced in Sacramento to dramatically restrict the ability of law enforcement officers to safely respond to dangerous encounters. See the Sacramento Bee story here. The San Jose Police Officers' Association Board of Directors issued the following statement in response:

Remembering Fallen Officer Michael Johnson

On March 24th, we remember fallen San Jose Police Officer Michael Johnson. Tough times for  the Police Department were made even tougher when Officer Johnson was killed by a suicidal man who was mentally ill.

Below is the San Jose Police Department's account of this tragedy.

New York SBA President Ed Mullins' statement to his membership

New York Police Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins sent the following statement to his membership:

Dear Fellow Sergeant,

It is with much joy and relief that I report that Sgt. Hugh Barry was acquitted of all charges related to the death of an emotionally disturbed woman named Deborah Danner on October 18, 2016. The three-week bench trial was heard before Judge  Robert A. Neary in Bronx Criminal Court.

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