How Do We Stop the SJPD Exodus?

By Patrol Sgt. Damian Bortolotti

As I stood in day shift briefing recently, I could not help but think long and hard about the predicament the City of San Jose has gotten itself into. For so long this city had at its disposal one of the greatest police departments in the country. It was staffed by highly motivated, efficient, well trained, and committed police officers and communications personnel. Now they are leaving in droves causing dangerously low staffing levels, which have negatively impacted emergency response times and contributed to the rise in crime.

Watch Commander: March 22-31, 2013

The following is a snapshot of some (not all) of the incidents SJPD responded to March 22-31, 2013; most didn't get much attention elsewhere.

March 22-24

Multiple officers attacked and hospitalized by a intoxicated individuals in separate incidents, multiple stabbings, DUI/hit and run, meth dealer arrested with 2 pounds of meth and 1/2 ounce of cocaine after officers respond to a shooting.

Watch Commander: March 14-21, 2013

The following is a snapshot of some (not all) of the incidents SJPD responded to March 14-21, 2013. Most didn't get much attention elsewhere.

March 14

A drive-by shooting and a stabbing.

BREAKING NEWS: State Judicial Body (PERB) Issues Complaint Against City of San Jose for Unlawfully Placing Measure B on the Ballot

The California Public Employee Relations Board has issued a complaint against the City of San Jose for Unlawfully placing measure B on the ballot last June. Click here to read complaint.

In the complaint, PERB details City of San Jose violations of Government Codes 3505, 3505(b), 3503, 3506.5(a), 3506.5(c), and PERB Regulation 32603(a)

Chris Platten, the lead attorney for San Jose Firefighters and IFPTE, Local 21 will be holding a press conference Tuesday, March 12th at 11:00 AM, with San Jose Firefighters Union President Robert Sapian to discuss the state actions against the City of San Jose and their implications on the ultimate fate of San Jose's Measure B. The Press conference will be held at the law offices of Wyle, McBride, Platten & Renner, 2125 Canoas Gardens Ave, Suite 120, San Jose CA 95125.

UPDATE: Support the Families of the Fallen Santa Cruz Police Officers

UPDATE: The City of Santa Cruz has enabled on-line donations to the Baker-Butler Scholarship Fund directly on the City's Website:

~In memory of our fallen heroes~ 

California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser Feb 25-28 For Fallen Riverside and San Bernardino Officers' Families

Next week, California Pizza Kitchen will be holding a fundraiser to benefit the families of fallen Riverside Police Officer Michael Crain and San Bernardino Sheriff's Deputy Jeremiah MacKay. From Monday, Feb 25 to Thursday, Feb 28, present the below attached flyer at any California Pizza Kitchen and 20% of your check will be donated to assist the families of these fallen officers. If you have an opportunity to dine out next Monday-Thursday, please choose a California Pizza Kitchen

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