Remembering Fallen San Jose Police Sergeant Morris Van Dyck Hubbard

During the month of July, we remember fallen San Jose Police Sergeant Morris Van Dyck Hubbard. On July 12, 1924, 29-year-old Hubbard became of first San Jose police officer to fall in the line-of-duty. Below is the department’s official account of his story.

It's Time For a New Direction in San Jose

San Jose Needs a New Direction. Join Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Firefighters, Registered Nurses and Small Business Owners to get San Jose on the right track.

Please click "Like" or "Tweet" to let your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors know that San Jose needs a New Direction and the candidates below will deliver a safer San Jose.

San Jose Officers step in to help victim of homicide

A group of San Jose officers are raising money to help the widow of San Jose's 15th homicide victim. He was shot to death in front of his wife after a road rage incident leaving her without any family in this country and without the only wage earner as she stays at home to care full time for their severely autistic son. The San Jose officers have set up a donation website. Please help spread the word and help this family.

Please make a donation here: San Jose 15th Homicide @ Mrs. Huynh & 2 Children Foundation

June 2014 SJPOA Endorsements

United States Congress
19th District - Zoe Lofgren
17th District - Mike Honda

Attorney General
Kamala Harris

California State Controller
John Pérez

Secretary of State
Alex Padilla

California State Assembly
29th District - Mark Stone
28th District - Evan Low
27th District - Nora Campos
25th District - Kansen Chu

California State Senate
10th District - Bob Wieckowski

Santa Clara County
District Attorney - Jeff Rosen

City of San Jose

Mayor - Dave Cortese

District 1 - Paul Fong
District 3 - Raul Peralez
District 7 - Maya Esparza
District 9 - Don Rocha

Judge of the Superior Court Number 4 - Stuart Scott

Judge of the Superior Court Number 21 - Julianne Sylva

Judge of the Superior Court Number 24 - Matthew Harris

Evergreen School District Measure H - Yes

Priority 2 Calls for Service Must Be Made a Priority - By Sgt. John Robb

Most large metropolitan police departments categorize their calls for service into several categories.  They do this to prioritize the calls for service and more properly dispatch officers to citizen’s calls for help. In San Jose we use three primary categories. 

While Priority 1 calls are responded to almost immediately, the dark horse in the room has become our response times to Priority 2 calls.  Those calls have an average response time often exceeding twenty minutes (the Department’s goal is 11 minutes). Often these calls can be found pending for hours due to insufficient staffing and high calls for service volume.  In a city of over one million people, San Jose now has only 450 officers regularly assigned to work patrol (down from 600).  Overtime, which is often mandatory, attempts to fill the gap but with over two thousand hours of overtime being worked by patrol officers per week, fatigue is now a problem.

San Jose Agrees To Stop Further Implementation of Measure B Until July 1, 2015

Attempted implementation is destroying City services, legal issues compounding due to poorly authored measure

SAN JOSE, CA - Superior Court Judge Patricia Lucas has signed a stipulated order, agreed upon by all parties, that prevents any further implementation of San Jose's divisive pension reform measure until at least July 1, 2015.

"This is a clear admission by the city of the detrimental and insurmountable issues with Measure B.  We have been, and are, willing to implement legal pension cost savings so that services can be restored. It was unfortunate that Mayor Reed and his council majority chose to champion the unlawful, uncompetitive and unmanageable Measure B," said Joel Phelan, President of San Jose Firefighters, IAFF Local 230.  "Firefighters, police officers, maintenance supervisors, architects and engineers have been waiting for the city to come to its senses and honestly negotiate instead of playing politics, and that day may finally be near," Phelan added.

Honoring Fallen San Jose Police Officer John Buck

April 5th, we remember fallen San Jose Police Officer John Buck. On this date in 1933, Officer Buck succumbed to injuries he received in a gun battle.

Below is the department's official account of Officer Buck's story.

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