What’s in a Word? When It Comes to Chuck Reed’s Pension Reform, Plenty

The following article was published on www.publicceo.com on February 3, 2014:

What’s in a Word? When It Comes to Chuck Reed’s Pension Reform, Plenty

By Jim Unland, President, San Jose Police Officers’ Association

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed announced last week that he planned to file a lawsuit against California Attorney General Kamala Harris over the title and summary for his proposed measure to enable elected officials to reduce the retirement benefits of teachers, firefighters, police officers, school bus drivers and other public employees

The reason, Reed says, is that the Attorney General used the word “eliminate” in describing his proposal to end the vested benefit rights of public employees.

Remembering the Fallen: Officer Robert White

On January 27, 1985, San Jose police officer Robert White was electrocuted while investigating an accident in which a motorist struck a high-voltage transformer.

Below is the San Jose Police Department's account of this tragedy.

Remembering the Fallen: Officers Gene Simpson and Gordon Silva

Today, we remember fallen San Jose Police Officers Gordon Silva and Gene Simpson. On January 20, 1989, Simpson and Silva were killed in a firefight with a mentally ill pedestrian who wrestled Simpson's gun away. Below is an account of this terrible tragedy that was published in the Mercury News following their deaths.

An Open Letter to City Manager Ed Shikada

Every Thanksgiving, I butterfly a turkey.  The process is pretty medieval. I use a big knife or a cleaver and cut through the ribcage bones where they attach to the backbone. This year, as I performed this task, my mind drifted to the ordeal that Officer Mark Hernandez is enduring. Mark is the motor officer who was cut off by a civilian driver while responding to a Code 3 Fill request. The injuries to Mark were serious. All of the ribcage bones on his right side were broken where they attach to his backbone (much like the turkey I was butchering). Mark also broke his shoulder, punctured his lung and received a serious concussion. He’s lucky to be alive. Everyone is aware of the hazards that come with patrolling the streets on a motorcycle. It is why Mark and the other motor officers receive 5% hazard pay.

Supervisor Dave Cortese Statement on POA Tentative Agreement

If the SJPOA membership votes to ratify the pay restoration proposal under consideration, each of the members of the City Council will have an opportunity to publicly express either their support or opposition for the tentative agreement by casting a vote.

Since many current Councilmembers are also running for Mayor, we felt it was important to seek the input of the only other serious candidate in the race, former Vice Mayor and County Supervisor Dave Cortese.

2013 SJ Auto Thefts Reach 6,200: What can you do?

Like other property crimes in San Jose, according to KTVU 2 there have been 6,200 auto-thefts so far this year and by the end of the year that number is expected to climb to 7,440 cars stolen from San Jose streets and driveways. That’s 20 cars per day and many of those thefts could have been prevented.

In honor of Officer John Covelesk, Badge #70

In honor of OfficerJohn Covelesk, Badge #70, the flags at the San Jose Police Department will be flown at half staff on November 15, 2013.

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