SJPOA President Unland Responds to METRO Editor


I must admit, I'm impressed and a little creeped out by your online escort service knowledge. You asked the question why I'm not asking,, Craigslist or AT&T to drop their online escort ads. To answer your question, the first two sites ( and MyRedbook) are online escort service businesses. It would be like me asking the publisher of Playboy to stop displaying nude photos of women because it objectifies them. It would be a pointless exercise. It's what they do. Unfortunately, sex for sale is the business they are in.

You purport to be in the news business not the sex for sale business. But is that true? All one has to do is go to to see the facts of what your contractual partner is all about. The adult escort advertisements are found by going to your website, the Metro logo is prominently displayed on the same page as the adult escort ads, and the bottom of the page says it is your website that hosts You have wagged the dog so much over the last 48 hours I am afraid the dog is dead. Own it Josh.

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By Jim Unland

JIM UNLAND is president of the San Jose Police Officers Association and a Sergeant in the San Jose Police Department

I recently heard a KCBS 740 radio broadcast and watched an NBC Bay Area television report about a website being used by the METRO weekly paper to host its on-line advertising. This website is clearly a prostitution escort site that is being utilized by those unfortunate enough, either by choice or by force or the threat of force, to make money selling their bodies. There is enough prostitution in San Jose without the help of one of the local papers.

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San Jose, America's Safest City No More

Protect San Jose has been sounding the alarm for some time about skyrocketing crime and the exodus of experienced police officers fleeing a city run by a Mayor and Council majority who have their heads buried in the sand. To demonstrate the chaos that has taken over our city, the San Jose Police Officers’ Association (SJPOA) is sharing the following video that was entered into evidence at this week’s binding interest arbitration proceedings with the City of San Jose.

The City of San Jose has proposed a wage and benefit package that will place San Jose further behind the local labor market and will further exacerbate officers leaving San Jose.  Couple this proposal with Mayor Reed's unconstitutional legal experiment, Measure B, and the result will be a public safety catastrophe for our neighborhoods.

Further Lawsuit Filed Over Controversial Measure B

San Jose (CA)--The San Jose Police Officers' Association has filed a lawsuit against the City of San Jose for not complying with the law prior to placing their controversial Measure B on the ballot, after receiving authorization from the State Attorney General's Office.

"The Attorney General has granted our Quo Warranto request to bring before a judge the important question of whether or not the City met its statutory requirements prior to placing the controversial Measure B on the ballot," said Gregg McLean Adam, from Carrol, Burdick & McDonough LLP. Adam went on to say, "If the courts agree with our facts then Measure B will be struck down."

Attached is the filed complaint authorized by Attorney General Kamala Harris.

San Jose's Tier 2 Pension, Now the Worst Law Enforcement Pension Benefit in the State of California

JIM UNLAND is president of the Police Officers Association and a Sergeant in the San Jose Police Department

By Jim Unland

There was no "win" to be had in this arbitration. The arbitrator could not have exceeded Measure B's limits without voter approval.

The continuing fight to invalidate this second tier will be focused on our quo warranto action, which seeks to invalidate Measure B in its entirety, including Tier 2. As we explained last week, we took a major step forward to that end when California Attorney General Kamala Harris GRANTED the POA's application to sue the City. Our lawsuit against the City will be filed next week.

Attorney General Kamala Harris Approves Legal Challenge Over Validity of San Jose’s Measure B

AG Harris rejects city arguments to prevent lawsuit

San Jose (CA)—California Attorney General Kamala Harris has granted the San Jose Police Officers’ Association the authority to seek a judicial ruling to determine if the City of San Jose "fulfilled its statutory collective bargaining obligations before placing an initiative measure on the June 2012 ballot,…".

Honoring Fallen San Jose Police Officer John Buck

April 5th, we remember fallen San Jose Police Officer John Buck. On this date in 1933, Officer Buck succumbed to injuries he received in a gun battle.

Below is the department's official account of Officer Buck's story.


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