FPPC Staff Recommends Probable Cause Hearing on SJPOA’s Complaint Against Mayor Chuck Reed

Earlier the Silicon Valley Daily Fetch reported that California’s Fair Political Practices Commission investigation into San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s illegal funneling of campaign cash to assist Rose Herrera may be nearing completion. Chief of Enforcement Gary Winuk is recommending that a hearing be held before the full commission to determine if probable cause exists and if so to issue a Formal Accusation against Mayor Reed. The Commission will vote to schedule the matter at their meeting this Thursday (see item 44 on page 13 of their agenda).

Last October, the FPPC issued a letter indicating that Mayor Reed’s funneling of $100,000 in campaign funds to an “independent expenditure committee” established to support Rose Herrera was illegal and ordered that the money be immediately returned.

Commenting on today's news, SJPOA President Jim Unland said, "We are hopeful that Chuck Reed and his cohorts will be held accountable for their violation of the law and that this episode will shine additional light on a pattern of deceitful and dishonest behavior exhibited by this Mayor and some of his supporters.”

More Fuzzy Math from Mayor Reed--POA 2nd Tier Cost Email to Recruits is Accurate

JIM UNLAND is president of the San Jose Police Officers Association and a Sergeant in the San Jose Police Department.

From the same Mayor who brought us the $650 million bogus pension cost projectioncomes more. A few days ago, the POA sent an email to academy recruits informing them of the rate adopted by the Police and Fire Retirement Board for the cost of the 2nd tier retirement plan. As the email details, when the recruits graduate in September, they will be paying the same rate that Tier 1 members are paying, 21.16% of gross pay. Click here to see that email.

NBC reporter Damian Trujillo asked the Mayor for comment on our email and received a reply from the Mayor’s office courtesy of Dave Low, Policy Advisor/Deputy PIO for Mayor Reed.

Does Madison Nguyen Believe Private Security is the Answer?

JIM UNLAND is president of the San Jose Police Officers Association and a Sergeant in the San Jose Police Department.

According to The Daily Fetch (click here to read the article and the evidence), it appears that Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen is promoting the private security company of her protégé and losing city council candidate Tam Truong as an answer to the increasing level of crime in San Jose neighborhoods.

Remembering Fallen San Jose Police Officer Henry Bunch

Today we remember fallen San Jose police officer Henry Bunch. On July 29, 1985, 33-year-old Officer Bunch was killed when an intoxicated arrestee wrestled his gun away and shot him. 

Below is the department’s official account of his story.

Cindy Chavez Announces Crime Reduction Proposals: Pledges to reduce auto thefts and residential burglaries

SAN JOSE, CA—Former San Jose Vice-Mayor Cindy Chavez announced crime reduction proposals targeting automobile thefts and residential burglaries that have skyrocketed in neighborhoods throughout Santa Clara County.

“The Santa Clara County Regional Auto Theft Task Force (RATTF) should be expanded so that it can continue to stem the surge of auto thefts in our neighborhoods and I pledge to find the necessary resources to expand this task force,” said Cindy Chavez.

In San Jose, automobile thefts increased in San Jose 71% in 2012 and in just the first 5 months of 2013 they had increased 33% over the same time last year.

Remembering Fallen San Jose Police Sergeant Morris Van Dyck Hubbard

During the month of July, we remember fallen San Jose Police Sergeant Morris Van Dyck Hubbard. On July 12, 1924, 29-year-old Hubbard became of first San Jose police officer to fall in the line-of-duty. Below is the department’s official account of his story.

Mayor Reed Wins Arbitration--SJ Cops Get No Pay Raise

City Admits to $92 million in General Fund Reserves but offer cops 0% in arbitration

San Jose (CA)-Retired Judge Flaherty rules in City of San Jose's favor on all issues arbitrated upon including City proposal of 0% pay restoration for police officers.

"Mayor Chuck Reed accomplished his goal of "reforming" arbitration by ensuring that San Jose cops get no pay raise as a result of the new arbitration rules hidden in the fine print of Measure V, passed by the voters in 2010," said SJPOA President Jim Unland.

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